The PacBio RS II is a Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) DNA Sequencing System that provides the highest consensus accuracy and longest read lengths of any available sequencing technology. SMRT Sequencing is ideal for de novo assembly, characterization of genetic variation, methylation analysis, microbiology studies, and more.

The instrument features high performance optics, automated liquid handling, and an environmental control center, all directed through an intuitive touchscreen interface. The computational brain responsible for primary data analysis, called the Blade Center, is also included. This allows for seamless integration of performance enhancements through chemistry and software advances.

The instrument contains three primary user access points:

  • RS Touch uses a touchscreen interface to start and monitor runs at the instrument.
  • Reagent and Sample Drawer for plate loading.
  • SMRT Cell and Tip Drawer for consumables loading.

Throughout the DNA sequencing process, the PacBio RS II uses SMRT Technology to record light pulses emitted as a byproduct of nucleotide incorporation. These signals are delivered in real time to the primary analysis pipeline, housed entirely on the Blade Center.

Additional features of the PacBio RS II include:

  • Intuitive run setup tools
  • Workflow optimization tools
  • Error-proof instrument loading
  • Robotic workflow management
  • Run size flexibility – from 1 to 16 SMRT Cells per run