Due to the nature of single molecule, real-time (SMRT) sequencing, it is imperative that the secondary analysis keeps pace with the speed of the instrument. Pacific Biosciences delivers SMRT Analysis software, a suite of secondary analysis tools capable of processing sequencing data when you need it. In real time.

SMRT Portal

SMRT Portal
SMRT Portal is an open-source, browser-based application that allows you to create, submit and monitor secondary analysis jobs as well as view and download the results. With this tool, you can align reads to a reference sequence or assemble reads into a de novo genome. SMRT Portal also lets you create and manage secondary analysis protocols and reference sequences manually. In addition to being able to manually set up secondary analysis through SMRT Portal, users have the option to automate secondary analysis directly through RS Remote.

SMRT Portal produces experiment specific, data-rich reports in industry-standard output formats containing both primary and secondary analysis data. Moreover, all data files are accessible directly through SMRT Portal, allowing for easy third party software analysis and colleague collaboration.  A comprehensive web services APT exposes the full functionality of SMRT Portal for integration with your LIMS system and third party software.

SMRT View is a scalable and extensible application for graphical data exploration and discovery that allows you to visualize and interact with secondary analysis sequencing data. A flexible, application-oriented user interface provides you with a broad range of ways to navigate and explore the results of your experiments, supporting simple discovery of patterns in your data.  Interactive graphical representations of variants, quality values, and other metrics, along with rich annotations allow you to rapidly validate your results by visualizing genome-scale data sets down to the SNP level.  SMRT View, which includes out-of-the-box support for Sequencing and De Novo workflows, is the first data visualization application that can visualize kinetics and structure information unique to PacBio's SMRT technology.